Poultry & Eggs

You can purchase our eggs at our seasonal Farm Stand or visit our online store year-round.



We raise organic practices poultry. They are free range in the fall and winter and pastured on a rotational basis in the Spring and Summer, their help is instrumental with the full cycle of the farm. They are the first on the field and help with insect patrol as well as fertilization. We augment their diet with organic feed, and sprouted barley.



We raise a variety of poultry breeds. We do this for several reasons, the first is all about beauty. We love the mix of our girl’s feather colors, it’s always a pleasure to see them scattered out on the field. The other is the egg shell color. Although we only have brown egg layers, their eggs come in a beautiful variety of sandy tones, earthy red browns, and creamy toffee colors. When putting together a dozen eggs, we always try to make a pleasing assortment that captures the efforts and beauty of the whole flock.

We raise Barred Plymouth Rock, Production Red, Buff Orpington Welsummer, Black Laced Silver Wyandotte, and Cinnamon Queen chickens, and Rouen and White Pekin Ducks as well as Spanish Black Turkeys and Chinese Geese.